Meet My Sister, Sarah Crow

Sarah Crow is a senior and a Speech Pathology major at Texas Christian University (TCU). Like Boston University (BU) and most other universities in the nation, TCU switched to online classes for the remainder of the semester because of COVID-19. Like most other seniors, this was not how Sarah wanted her senior year to end. 



What a great way to start off my last semester of senior year. Thank you TCU for this amazing opportunity.

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Q: What was your reaction to school getting canceled?

A: I cried. I understand why it had to happen, but I am upset that my senior year ended early. Similar to the situation at BU, my university was on break when this decision was made. This did not give my friends and me a chance to say goodbye, and there’s a chance that my entire friend group might not ever be in the same room again. Not only did my senior year get canceled, but my last summer did as well.

Q: How have you coped with your senior year ending early?

A: To be completely honest, I am still in denial, and it won’t be completely real until I move out of my apartment and graduate. I have Zoom calls with my friends regularly for many hours, and this helps.

Q: Despite all the negatives this time has brought, have you found any positives?

A: Being able to spend time with my family, as this will be the last time we will be able to spend this big of a block of time together.” 

Q: What have you been doing for fun while stuck at home? 

A: Those that know me, know that I have a TV show problem. So lots of Netflix and Hulu have been watched; however, there’s only so much of that you can do before you get bored. So I have also started going on walks and have picked up a new hobby of diamond painting.

Q: Can you describe diamond painting a little bit more?

A: Diamond painting is also called diamond cross-stitching – it is like paint by number, but instead of paint, you are sicking diamonds onto a canvas. I find it very relaxing.

Q: What are you excited for when life is back to normal?

A: I’m hoping that this will clear up in enough time that I can travel to visit my friends before starting grad school in August. I am also looking forward to being able to graduate, even though it won’t be in May. 

Q: As a last note, can you talk about where you are going to grad school and what you will be studying?

A: I will be attending the University of Texas at Dallas to pursue a doctorate of audiology. They have the second-best audiology program in the nation, and I’m really excited to study there.

Sarah will continue to try to make the best of this time and is excited for grad school in the fall!


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