Meet Michael Stone —Boston University Men’s Soccer Goalkeeper

Boston University sophomore Michael Stone is a goalkeeper for the BU men’s soccer team. Stone is adjusting to city life, but isn’t necessarily a new Massachusetts resident. Stone told me that he attended Amherst College for his freshman year and fall semester of his sophomore year.

Stone explained his transfer process, which was different from my own. He explains that he had to make many phone calls, send videos of himself playing, and speak to recruiters at prospective schools in order to be considered to play soccer at a new school. On top of school work and transfer applications, he says that it was a stressful couple of months.

Ultimately, he is happy with his decision to play D1 at BU. He feels that BU is a good environment, especially being on a team here.

I asked him to go through what a day in his life is like. He explained that, on practice days, he has to be in West Campus by 7:30 am(this shook me). He has practice until 10:30 am (me, unathletic af, still shook), then he goes about the rest of his day. On game days, they play in the afternoons.


He explains that being a student athlete has made him super regimented because his time is very limited.

Michael started playing soccer when he was five in his home in Boca Raton, Florida. He tell me that he is very competitive by nature, which is why soccer is such a great fit for him.

He first played goalkeeper when he was 11, because the goalie for his team wasn’t able to play during one game. Ever since then, he’s seemingly never left the net. He started practicing in goal after that, and is still a goalkeeper now.

After doing a lot of movement over the past two years, Michael finds that BU is a place of “growth and independence” in his life.

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