Meet Merriam Lrhazi, Member of the BU Allegrettos

After singing for most of her life, Merriam, a freshman from Lee, Massachusetts, studying International Relations, knew she wanted to audition for BU’s many a capella groups this past September.  After talking to the groups at the Splash activities fair, she went to auditions with an open mind and describes the two weekends full of auditions and callbacks as “very stressful, but fun overall.”  Throughout the process, she especially loved getting to make new friends while sitting around and waiting for her turn to shine.

At the end of the long audition period, she was ecstatic to be welcomed to the BU Allegrettos, a co-ed group that once performed in front of President Obama! 

Photo Credit: BU Allegrettos

Being a part of an a capella group is a big-time commitment, and the Allegrettos practice at least three times a week.  Additionally, they have weekend competitions and performances with other BU and surrounding areas schools’ a cappella groups.

Merriam says she doesn’t mind the time commitment, however, because she loves getting to sing alongside her fellow Allegrettos so much. 

“It feels like being a part of a family,” she gushes, “And I’ve never gotten to make music alongside such incredibly talented people before!”

Photo Credit: Merriam Lrhazi

You can find the BU Allegrettos on Apple Music and Spotify, and you catch Merriam and the rest of the BU Allegrettos in person performing around campus and the Boston area this spring semester as they prepare for the ICCA Tournament (the one from Pitch Perfect!) at Carnegie Hall.


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