Meet Kate Weiser: One of BU’s Most Influential Influencers

Kate Weiser, a recent graduate from Boston University’s College of Communication, started her freshman year at BU in the same way most students do––excited, hopeful, and a little nervous. Kate always knew that she wanted an urban school where she could explore the city and discover endless opportunities; for her, that school was BU. But it wasn’t until Kate started her wildly-popular Instagram account, @bucketlistboston, that she truly took advantage of all the opportunities Boston has to offer. Now at 17.6k followers on Instagram, Kate continues to create and cultivate her Boston Bucket List––her most recent post about Remnant Brewing being post #1043. All of the amazing places and beautiful spots in Boston that Kate posts about encourage other students like her to step out of the BU Bubble and explore the city.

Photo Credit: @bucketlistboston on Instagram

What was your goal in starting Bucket List Boston?

"My goal was initially to have a way to join the Instagram community with @igboston. Since being rejected three times, I’ve since let go of that goal, but it’s become to share the city of Boston with visitors and locals alike."

Photo Credit: @bucketlistboston on Instagram

What do you think makes your account so successful?

"My account is successful because it is genuine. As a New Yorker, I’m truly driven to share all this city has to offer, [and] to show people why I love it so much."

Photo Credit: @bucketlistboston on Instagram

What are your plans for the account in the future?

"I want to continue to grow the account and experience more of Boston. I want to share events and places as they come to Boston and New England as a whole. Ultimately, I would love to grow the account to have a handle in every city where I manage people to run each account––like an Eater or Infatuation. For now, I want to strengthen Bucket List Boston as much as I can to prove the concept and keep sharing the Boston love."

Photo Credit: @bucketlistboston on Instagram

So, if you want to get out of that BU Bubble and find your own niche, go for it! As Kate has shown us, it definitely pays off. Want to find amazing places in Boston and create your own bucket list? Check out Kate’s Instagram account at @bucketlistboston for inspiration!

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