Meet Emma Kopelowicz — Aspiring Journalist and Talented HCBU Writer

When we think of Boston University, many thoughts rise to the surface of our minds. We think of terriers, Commonwealth Avenue, hockey, east, west, south and countless other forms of categorizations and symbols that represent the students hustling to class day after day. But, when it comes to the students themselves, it is harder to define who the average BU college student is. There are so many of us, from so many different walks of life. We are actors, engineers, accountants, and writers. We are publicists, teachers, biologists, and coders. BU has managed to bring thousands of young innovators with thousands of varying interests into one creative and collaborative institution. One of our newest terriers happens to be Emma Kopelowicz, a freshman who channeled her hobbies and passions into a promising and exhilarating career in journalism.

Emma is from Los Angeles, California and came to Boston University to study journalism along with an impending minor in women’s studies. Always an avid reader and writer (notably that kid in class who couldn’t help but raise her hand in the thralls of excitement to analyze whatever book was being read), she knew her future career path would require a writing-heavy commitment. Her next big push came the from realization that while she loved to talk, it would be more effective, both for her and her many audiences, if she wrote down her multitude of thoughts.

But for Emma, journalism is about more than condensing one’s thoughts into articles. She believes it is the ideal medium for facilitating the spread of individual stories while allowing the personal voice of her subjects to shine through.   

“I, for one, love reading features and hearing other people’s stories. To be able to tell these stories, but having their voice there… giving a voice to the voiceless; yes, it sounds cheesy but, truly, that’s what it’s all about. And I want to do that.”

Thus, her career in journalism was born and her next stop was Boston University. Why, in the spirit of triggering the college application process, BU though? She knew undoubtedly that journalism was her chosen field of study, so she now needed to pinpoint a university that could foster her passion and hone her skills. BU had the reputation, it had the facilities, but most importantly, it had the tools to fulfill Emma’s burning desire for opportunity through travel. Emma loves to travel, so a memorable experience abroad was crucial to her college decision process. Boston University offers a unique program for journalism students in Sydney, Australia that combines the classic study abroad experience with an added internship component. For Emma, the program was all but screaming her name.

In pursuit of her passion at the university of her dreams, the question remains, what type of journalism does Emma hope to produce? Inspired by websites such as Brit + Co, Emma hopes to write features surrounding travel, exposure to new cultures, and food. Like many college students (understandably) Emma is a huge foodie, with pasta, roasted butternut squash (seasoned with balsamic, salt, and pepper), and pizza topping the list as a few of her favorite delicacies. For Emma, however, food is more than something you swipe from the dining hall or whip up in your kitchen; It is a gateway to education about different places and cultures through the many new and exciting flavors and tastes it has to offer.

Emma has applied her love for journalism outside of the classroom as one of Her Campus’ newest writers at Boston University. Having discovered the organization before applying to BU through Her Campus Nationals' advertising, Emma was delighted to learn that BU had a chapter. She joined the organization this fall as a writer and has only positive things to say about her experience.

“My experience so far has been absolutely incredible. I feel like I’m part of a real team. I love to read other people’s articles and I look forward to getting to know other people more, especially through events. Writing for Her Campus has been such an awesome opportunity.”

Through Her Campus, Emma has found, not only a space to write and share her many passions but, a community that wants to hear what she has to say. A few of her favorite articles that she has produced for Her Campus BU include “I Didn’t Cry When My Parents Dropped Me Off at College” and “5 Cool Girl Beauty Brands that Need to be on Your Radar.”

While Emma is on a path to a promising career in journalism, her area of study is in no way the only thing that defines her. She is also an artist and loved to paint and draw when she was younger. She has taken advantage of her fresh start as a college student to immerse herself in painting again. You can check out her work on instagram at @elkieart!

Lastly, Emma is exploring the ups and downs of being a first-semester freshman away from home in a completely new setting. And while first semester has not quite ended, Emma has already learned a valuable lesson — the lesson of self-care. Her advice for incoming or current terriers in her same position…

“Take time for yourself. You don’t need to go out all the time. Sometimes it’s okay to stay in, watch a movie, and eat good food. Sometimes it’s what your body needs.”

In middle and high school, we’re taught to not give into peer pressure others inflict upon us. But we often forget we’re our own worst enemies, and tend to pressure ourselves into doing things for the sake of an experience we wish to turn into a lasting memory. Emma reminded us, reminded me, about the value of not giving into your own personal peer pressure, and taking time to do something rewarding and relaxing for yourself. This advice, whether you’re in your first or fourth year of college, is crucial to our sanity as students and it is telling of Emma’s character and intellect that she already has this figured out.

Emma is, without a doubt, a shining example of the passionate, driven student that BU and Her Campus BU welcomes into its community. Whether you are another Her Campus member, a fellow terrier, or someone who can simply relate to Emma’s infectious enthusiasm, look for her work in the years to come; it is sure to make a lasting impact.


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