Meet Ausma Palmer: Film & Literature Enthusiast

Ausma Palmer has a passion for writing and is currently a Journalism major in the College of Communications at Boston University.

Her interest in writing began in high school and she later joined the newspaper at Suffolk County Community College. Since transferring to BU this year, she has been writing an opinion column at The Daily Free Press newspaper. This column mainly features comments on politics and pop culture and, Palmer said she enjoys being able to express her own thoughts to a larger audience.

Palmer also has a blog where she posts her writing and anything that she wants. It consists of her favorite articles and pieces that she has written so far this year. The blog, which includes some of her articles from The Daily Free Press, is a way for Palmer to share her writing outside of the publication.

Palmer is also a Film and Television minor due to her interest in movies and her desire to potentially create films. Palmer said that she really got into films a couple of years ago. Her favorite genres are foreign films, indie films, and older films in general. She created a website where she posts movie reviews and critiques on all of these types of films. She said she made this website because not a lot of people are writing about these types of films and she wanted to provide people with the opportunity to discover new movies in these genres.

Palmer is also a part of The Red List, a film club here at BU that makes short films. This club adheres to her interest in possibly making films in the future. This interest in movies has brought her to the New York Film Festival multiple times. She said she likes getting to see the indie films that they show. Cinema Paradiso is one of her favorite movies and it is a foreign film from Italy. She also said that French New Ways movies are some of her favorite movies too.

Palmer is not set on what she wants to do in the future. As of right now, her goal is to eventually write for a publication or newspaper. Her goal is to possibly become either a movie reviewer or an opinion writer but, she is not 100% sure which she prefers. She is currently looking to get an internship at a publication in order to gain more experience in the field and determine what she likes better.


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