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Mat Piotrowski

    This week's campus cutie is hard to miss, whether he's on the court or walking down Commonwealth Ave.  Mat Piotrowski is a freshman basketball player who stands above the rest...literally.  Mat is 7'1" and an amazing athlete.  He is originally from Port Republic, N.J. and is a student in the College of General Studies.  Fun Fact:  His family was featured on a Discovery Channel documentary called "In Search of the World's Tallest People."  Not many college guys can brag about that.
    In high school Mat was NCSAC first-team All-American and managed to keep good grades as an honor student.  BU fans can't wait to see what he brings to the game this season and HerCampus BU can't wait to see him in action!

Lindsey Reese is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Print Journalism with a minor in International Relations. Hailing from down south in Waco, Texas, Lindsey decided to take the first opportunity to experience the city life in Boston. She developed a love for other cultures and saw Boston as the perfect playground for discovering new people and backgrounds. Lindsey enjoys marketing in the Public Relations Student Society of America, working for BUTV, and being a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Homework and clubs don't stop her from enjoying an occasional Friends marathon or going out for fro-yo with her roommates. The future holds many promises, but Lindsey has her sights on a specific dream: writing for Vogue or InStyle. Graduation might be years away, but Lindsey is ready to hit the pavement next semester looking for internships at local magazines.
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