Mastering YouTube – A Scary, Difficult Skill that Companies Are Looking for

For me, it went above the scary “what will everybody who knows me think of me” when it came to creating a YouTube channel. Rather, it was the lack of editing skills that I so desperately wanted to improve. In my field, communications with an emphasis in advertising, more and more companies are looking for people who can edit. I knew that adding the skill of Final Cut Pro (a professional Apple editing software) to my resume wouldn't hurt. If anything, it might open the door to new possibilities in my career. However, it was much more complicated than I thought.


Here’s what I learned:

Even if shooting the video itself only takes 30 minutes, the editing will take you more than an hour. Make sure you save one to two hours a day to edit.


Which brings me to my next point on editing: don't be lazy with the colors of the video, music, sound effects, etc.! YouTube is no longer the new and existing platform that only a few people use. It has become very, very competitive. If you want people to watch your video over someone else’s, make sure it’s worthy of the viewer’s time.

There is no need to buy a camera, but do buy editing software or at least a tripod. Honestly, all the “essentials” of YouTube video-making is completely optional. You can just use your phone, put it in on a stack of books, sit in front of a window (natural light is the best) and edit with your phone on iMovie. But, I found that even though Final Cut Pro is very intimidating to learn at first, it is easier than iMovie.


Finally, the main challenge is the famous question of “Why?”


"What if nobody watches?" "What if…blah blah blah." Look, the main thing is that you’ll get experience editing! Now, almost every communications company has its own Instagram, Facebook, etc. They need people who will edit their content. I love editing with technology because it gives you the absolute freedom to do anything. From animation to stop motion video to just using Photoshop to enhance a photo—it’s like magic! But most importantly, it’s the skill that will definitely set you apart from others, and it’s fun. 20 years from now you’ll look back at these videos, that will forever be on YouTube and laugh at them. It would be nice to have something from your life permanently saved.

Now, get your phone out and take a video of yourself. Just a simple intro of yourself would be a good start. XOXO, remember to have fun!


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