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The Loveliest Makeup and Beauty Trends of the Moment

I feel like makeup trends are always evolving. There are some things that never go out of style, but no matter what, classics are forever being enhanced. Makeup is my favorite thing in the world, so if there’s a new trend, I’ll be on it!


Obviously this is the first on my list! Ever since HBO’s Euphoria popularized this shine, they’ve been everywhere. Rhinestones are so fun and totally enhance your entire makeup look, in my opinion. I love putting them in the inner corner of my eyes, but they could honestly go anywhere and still look so cute.

Monochrome Eyeshadow

This one is more of a style than a trend, per se. I personally am so in love with eyeshadow looks that are just one color. A bright orange on the lid with some lashes and gloss? Now that’s a look.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are so adorable. I love using different colored barrettes in my hair, because they add a little something extra and can be super versatile.

Wavy Hair

I used to hate wavy hair for some reason, but I recently discovered a hair waver, and it changed my life. I love the look that these waves give and I think that it’s perfect for everyday wear or even a night out!

Soap Brows

I love this trend so much! My eyebrows are usually something I don’t change up, but the soap brow look is such a game changer. It’s subtle enough that you can pull it off at any time, but also enhances the face!

Go ahead and channel your inner beauty YouTuber and try some of these looks out! They may take some practice, but as long as you’re having fun and feeling confident in yourself, it’ll be worth it. Sparkle the day away!


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Olivia Gorman, or Liv as her friends call her, is a sophomore at Boston University. Liv is studying public relations in BU's college of communication. Her favorite things in this world stem anywhere from fashion, to iced coffee, or movies. Liv loves a good laugh, a good book, and a great cheekbone contour. Olivia is from Boston, Massachusetts.
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