Looking Up From Your Phone

What do I see when I look up from my phone? Trees and lights and people wearing glasses. What do I see when I look down at my phone? Trees and lights and people wearing glasses. 



On my phone I can show other people how pretty my life is. But when I look up from my phone, is what I see pretty? Will people notice what I’m doing if I do not post it onto a feed they can see on their phone? Will they see a pretty girl when they look up, if they look up?

Eye contact is intrusive. You cannot escape from the grasp of a shared gaze. We are not brave enough to make eye contact, but we can display our intimate moments and thoughts to thousands of eyes. It’s easier to be brave when no one’s watching. When no one’s looking up.

Look up. From your phone, your computer, your smart watch, your textbook-on-a-tablet. Challenge others to be brave under your eyes, and vice versa. 



Why can’t I sit mindlessly watching the world around me without someone thinking I’m crazy, but if I sit mindlessly watching the world through my phone screen it’s ok? It’s reasonable to look down, but to look up? Why would you do that?

My friends are on my phone— my family, my memories. My classwork, my grades, my emails. My weather update, my suspicious figure warning, my global political briefings. My art inspiration, my photos from last night, my countless profiles. My this, my that; my everything. 

All of these are valuable. But where are they when I look up? Are they still down on my phone, or do they exist outside of it? I think you decide that fate for yourself. 

The next time you look up, do so thoroughly. Carefully. Absorb enough to last you until the next time. 

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