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A Look Back at the Hot Men From Taylor Swift’s Music

So, have you seen Tay’s newest video for her song, “Blank Space?”

More importantly, did you notice the incredibly, unbelievably attractive male model in the vid?

Of course you did.

So in honor of Tay’s newest (and possibly hottest ever) music video boy-toy, here’s a look back at the on-screen hot men from Tay’s past.

Lucas Till –You Belong With Me

Also known as the hot guy from the Hannah Montana movie.


Justin Gaston- Love Story

Justin also connects back to Miley, but this time in real life when the two dated.

Long live 2008.

Toby Hemingway- Mine

Taylor spotted Toby in a movie called “The Covenant” and decided she had to have him for this music vid. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so.

Noah Mills- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This song was rumored to be about Tay’s ex Jake Gyllhenaal, who Noah (coincidentally?) looks strikingly similar to.

One of them is definitely hotter (hint: it’s not Jake).

Clayton Collins- Tim McGraw

Remember when Taylor actually sang country music and did country-like things, such as sitting in pick-up trucks and looking at the stars? This cutie starred in one of Tay’s first popular music videos. And just as Taylor’s style has changed…

Apparently, so has Clayton.

Sean O’Pry- Blank Space

Because I know you wanted to see him again. He was recently interviewed by GQ magazine and has modeled for several brands, including H&M. If there were an award for hottest man in a music video ever, he’d win by a landslide. And also for best jaw line to have ever graced our presence.


Olivia Shur is a student at Boston University. She enjoys food, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and watching cat videos when she really should be studying. She is a PR major in the College of Communication.
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