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How Lizeth Muñoz Is Creating Change Near And Far As A Sophomore at BU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Lizeth Muñoz, an undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in sociology and minoring in theatre arts, is taking on two major leadership roles as a sophomore. She has a passion for staying “extremely busy” and “taking on different roles.” In the midst of studying for finals and eating delicious pupusas, Muñoz explains the benefits of her involvement in numerous clubs and organizations on campus. 

As she works on her French homework, Muñoz explains her story during quick study breaks. She is a part of, “Alianza Latina, which is the biggest Latinx club at BU, ASB, and [she is] starting [her] own chapter next semester that is called Students Helping Honduras,” said Muñoz.

Muñoz is one of the trip coordinators for Alternative Spring Break, an opportunity through the Community Service Center that provides service opportunities during spring break for those without plans. Her trip, which will last from March 4 to 12, will be focusing on environmental justice in Shawnee, Illinois — an hour drive north from Chicago. “We will be stationed at the National Forest Park [with great views!],” said Muñoz. “I am super excited and I hope you guys can join.”

She adds, “We will be hiking and learning more about eco-friendly routines and ways that [they] can help benefit our environment. We will also be staying in two cabins, so that already sounds super fun!” If this sounds like the ideal way to spend your spring break, you can reach out to Muñoz on her Instagram @Lizethhh7 or her email: lizeth7@bu.edu

This is not Muñoz’s only leadership position on campus: she is also in the works of opening up her own chapter at BU for the Students Helping Honduras (SHH) organization. “I am extremely happy for it because I will be the president, and we will be fundraising for students in Honduras, specifically fundraising for schools, houses, and school buses so that students over there can get an education,” said Muñoz.

There is “extreme poverty” in Honduras, which affects the accessibility of basic necessities for nearly everyone. However, the start of change begins with the youth of Honduras, which is what this organization focuses on. 

Muñoz explains her reason behind the importance of her taking on leadership roles, specifically being the president of the BU chapter of SHH (hopefully). “I know that students who are going through poverty or are low-income need that support. Also, because there are so many students in Honduras that are going through poverty and many of them are not able to graduate from high school or even go to college,” said Muñoz. 

As you can see, Muñoz is constantly on her feet as a part of a variety of activities on campus. But, she goes on to explain that her passion, or what really motivates her to be part of all these extracurriculars is, “knowing that I can help the world. Making different connections with people really enlightens me, and I’m just thrilled to be a part of so many different clubs and organizations.”

Muñoz is a busy bee, all while staying passionate about all her extracurriculars. She is creating great change in not only Boston, but also Shawnee, Illinois, and Honduras. Be on the lookout for these programs to take off next semester, and if you are interested in any of the programs she will be hosting, don’t forget to reach out to her!

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