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Lights, Camera, Market: ABC Campus Crew Representative Chris Schretzenmayer

As the ABC Campus Crew Representative, Chris Schretzenmayer (SMG/COM 2014), has found a job that mirrors exactly what he has come to BU to learn to do.

“I’m a Dual Degree student, so I’m Film & Televsion and Marketing. I know I wanted to merge the two together to do marketing for Television,” Schretzenmayer said.

As an extra bonus, he is also working for a network he is passionate about.

“ABC is one of my favorite, if not my favorite network. They have some of my favorite shows, like LOST was my favorite show, that’s what attracted me to them. So I knew I wanted to work for them in some facet so finding a way to get involved with the company early on while I am still in college.”

He heard about the position from a fellow member of the business fraternity on campus, Alpha Kappa Psi. He then sent out a cold email over the summer asking if there were any openings for the semester.

“I was very intimidated. I held several other internships before, like I did the same type of campus position with Delivery.com… It was more intimidating this time around because it was a huge company I had always wanted to work for so you kind of have bigger stakes,” Schretzenmayer said.

Schretzenmayer cites the creative marketing campaign for the 2008 movie Cloverfield, where trailers for the movie featured clips monsters attacking New York City, but little else besides a website for why he decided to marry marketing and television.

“This [Cloverfield Marketing Campaign] evolved into this giant social marketing campaign that was one of the first of it’s kind. I was super-involved with that because I was so captivated by what was going… So I’ve always been interested in creative marketing campaigns and why not pair it with something like television?” Schretzenmayer said.

His duties as ABC Campus Crew Representative involve running the Facebook page, holding screenings, giving out prizes and doing guerilla marketing. One of the first events is a screening of ABC’s new drama Nashville Sept. 20 from 6-8 p.m. in COM 101. Following the screening of the show, there will be a Skype Q&A with the Senior Marketing Manager of ABC Jennifer Roth.

“We [Campus Representatives] need to come up with events that appeal to the BU community… I decided a huge appeal for a lot of COM students would be a networking event almost,” Schretzenmayer said.

There will also be a Emmy Viewing party this Sun. from 7-11 p.m. in the Franklin Lounge of Towers.

“The events are things either I come up with or I talk to friends and then ask what kind of events they’d like to go to. I kinda of try and make TV more social on campus,” Schretzenmayer said.

At the end of day, it is about the personal reward for Schretzenmayer.

“My favorite part of this job is being so close to the TV industry… I’m super passionate about TV and I love that it’s my job to try to get other people to be as passionate as I am about TV,” Schretzenmayer said.

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Register to attend the screening of ‘Nashville’!

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