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To The Lifelong Friends I’ve Made in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Dear lifelong friends I’ve made in college,

Where do I even begin? August? It seems like years ago, yet simultaneously just a few days ago. 10 months ago we were strangers and now we aren’t particularly sure how to live without each other. I don’t quite know how to explain how thankful I am for you, I can’t really put into words how much you mean to me, but I also know I could go on for pages about how many fantastic memories we have made this year.

Making this new city into my home wouldn’t have been complete without friends like you. What would I do without our group naps or family dinners? There is something so comforting about always having a space to go to with anything that’s bothering me. You have listened to me ramble on and on and on and on about nonsensical drama that probably meant nothing to you, but you acted like it was the end of the world for both of us.

We have seen each other at our lowest and highest points and everywhere in between. We’ve cried to each other and we’ve laughed so hard together someone almost throws up. I’m going to miss our fits of laughter at the dumbest things. Somehow, we have the best nights in and the best nights out – we seem to be the party…who needs frats when you have us?

We just click. It sounds so cliché, but we just all get each other. We pick up on each other’s moods, we can know what the other is thinking with just a look, and we know when to help each other out of any awkward situation.     

My heart is filled with love as we near the closing of yet another school year. I get it, we are all super excited to go home and have zero cares in the world, but I can’t help but wish to rewind back to September and start it all over. I’m going to miss you so much!

I have written countless essays for school now, but yet, this letter seems to be the hardest thing I’ve written yet. I feel like it’s incomplete because I can’t tell you have unbelievably proud I am of you for growing with me and being right by my side for the biggest transition of our lives yet. I can’t begin to thank you for all the indescribable memories we have made in such a short time. I’m so grateful that I got to meet you this year and I can’t wait for all the experiences we are bound to have together throughout this crazy adventure called life.

I’m bound to cry when we move out just like I did when I moved in. It’s insane how just a few months ago I was crying because I didn’t know anyone here and now I’ll be crying because how in the world am I supposed to go three months without our daily adventures?

I can’t wait to be back to our shenanigans in August! See you soon!


The girl who you are stuck with for the rest of college


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Delanie is a senior at Boston University who loves Pavement's iced tea and the Charles River. She has a passion for writing and is on an adventure to find the best coffee shop in Boston. 
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.