A Letter To My Best Friend Abroad

To my incredibly beautiful, overwhelmingly intelligent, strong-willed world traveller, 

First, I would like to start by saying how much I miss you and that I think about you all of the time. There’s never a happy moment where I don’t wish you were by my side experiencing it with me and there’s never a sad moment that I don’t wish you couldn’t fix by just bringing over Pan Roma and having a sleepover. I know it’s selfish to miss you as much as I do, but it’s true: I just wish you were home. 

I know that sounds bad and I know you’re doing amazing things but I can’t help thinking about how hard it is not to see your face every week, hear about your days, and turn to you with everything. The time difference makes contact almost impossible and since I’ve gotten so busy, I know I’ve slacked on trying as hard. But I want you to know that I think about you constantly. I wonder what you’re doing, what cool bars you’re going to, what delicious food you’re eating, what you’re learning, and what adventures you’re going on out in the world. Never second guess how much I care about you and want you around. 

Second, I want to tell you how enormously proud I am of you and how happy I am that I can call you my best friend. You, with the passion for what you do, with the insatiable hunger for new experiences, and the obsession you have with living authentically, you amaze me. I am blown away by your spirit, am in awe of your capacity for living and I am so happy to know you. 

You are my inspiration every day, even from so far away, and you have to know how I think about the decisions I make through the framework of whether or not it would make you proud to be my friend. You’re such an incredible person and I know you are learning incredible amounts abroad. Don’t waste it, breathe in every breath you can of European air, eat every crepe, and suck down that pint because those are the memories that will make you smile when you don’t expect to. I know that you are living fantastically and it makes me so happy to know you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do. 

Thank you for following your dreams. Seeing you doing something beautiful with your acting career is the best gift that you could ever give me as a friend. I love knowing that you are adding to your happiness and can’t wait to see how you will have grown as a person. I love knowing that you’re doing what you love to do, and love knowing that you’re giving it your all. Seeing you engaged in life fills my heart with joy when you can’t be there. And I’m fully prepared to sit with you when you’re in Boston sulking about being back. 

Please enjoy the rest of your time there. Truly experience every minute of it and enjoy being yourself in a new place surrounded by new people. But know that I can’t wait for you to get back, can’t wait to hug you at the airport just like you did when I got home, can’t wait to go to Pavement with you and talk about things we love, can’t wait to come back to your home in Allston, can’t wait for more sleepovers, more movie nights, and just generally more of you in my life. Thank you for being you and thanks for being my best friend, Emma Tayce Palmer. 


Your Biggest Fan