Let's Talk About Planned Parenthood

I know, we all know OF Planned Parenthood. Yet, in most cases, the general population seems to forget what Planned Parenthood actually provides to the community. According to Planned Parenthood’s own bio, they are a “nonprofit organization that provides reproductive healthcare,” so why is it considered an abortion clinic?

Photo credit: Oregon Planned Parenthood

The stigma around abortion buzzes throughout politics and the media, even more so now when more and more states are cracking down on abortion laws. If Roe v. Wade is declared unconstitutional, many states will ban abortions. The main target when discussing abortions is Planned Parenthood, and since under federal law abortion is legal, states can take matters into their own hands by defunding Planned Parenthood on a state-by-state basis. In reality, the only thing defunding Planned Parenthood does is hurt the people within their community. These could be people going for cancer screenings, birth control or STD tests, which are only a few things that this organization provides.

Photo credit: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

Planned Parenthood prides itself on being a women’s health care provider. One of the most important things they do is provide both birth control and emergency contraception. By providing these services they are able to help prevent women from having unwanted pregnancies. The same organization that is known for providing abortions also takes immense strides to prevent them. Another way they do this is by providing what they call “patient education,” where they teach patients about sexual and reproductive health and their many options to prevent pregnancy. As if this isn’t enough, they also provide services to rape victims, LGBTQ+ patients, and men.

Photo credit: HuffPost

There is a common misconception that the pro-choice side means pro-abortion, and this is not the case. No one is pro-abortion, no woman would ever want to have an abortion unless she felt it was absolutely necessary, and who are we to make that choice for her? The sad truth is, there is no way to rid society of abortions; making them illegal only takes away safe access to them, increasing the risk of women taking matters into their own hands. Defunding Planned Parenthood only creates a greater risk of unwanted pregnancies.


You may not have to agree with all the practices they provide, but Planned Parenthood does much more than provide abortions; they assist the general population, including all genders, sexualities, and issues.


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