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Last Chance To Get It Right

With the Oscars being the most highly anticipated show of award season, celebrities definitely brought their A-game when it came to fashion. I don’t think any actress or actor looked like a train wreck—everyone to a certain extent really tried to look their best. Thankfully, Helena Bonham Carter wasn’t there to top the Worst Dressed List.

Although people had mixed feelings about her cape, I thought Gwenyth Paltrow looked incredible.
She owned the red carpet in a minimalist Tom Ford white gown. It was simple, chic and elegant. Her body looked sensational in it—especially for a mother of two in her mid-forties! The cape was a touch of high fashion and maybe a bit too trendy; however, she did take it off after walking the carpet. What I loved about Paltrow is that she knew she looked great. She was confident and sexy, which makes her overall look a best dressed of the night.

My second favorite was Stacy Keibler, who has looked amazing throughout the 2012 award season. This was the second time she chose a Marchesa gown.
I don’t think many women could pull off such a bold color or shape, but Keibler certainly did. Her side-swept hair and soft makeup were perfect accents to the gown. She looked like a bronzed goddess and added just enough glamour to the red carpet. Keibler is one celebrity who knows what compliments her figure and that’s why she will be a best-dressed star time and time again.

My third favorite was difficult to choose because I thought Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lopez were two celebrities who really pulled it together for the 2012 Oscar’s. However, I do think Cameron Diaz deserves to be a best-dressed star.
Her Gucci gown was simple, but her body was so close to perfection that I’m sure all women secretly envied her. Diaz looked sexy, but not in an overt way, which made it just right for the Oscar’s. I think she proved that you don’t have to overdo the dress, hair or makeup and still manage to stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, not everyone did the red carpet right. One celebrity who I am tired of seeing is Angelina Jolie. She likes to look age-appropriate and comfortable, but come on! Every award season, she looks the same and never dares to look different. In addition, one major disappointment of the night was Penelope Cruz. Although some critics loved her old-Hollywood, classic look, I don’t think she’s ever looked worse. Cruz looked like a modern day version of Cinderella, with an up-do that was far too old for her.

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