Kid Krow by Conan Gray: An Album Review

Conan Gray is easy to root for. At only 21 years old, the young singer feels like someone you might run into on campus. He’s quirky, sarcastic, witty, and relatable. The release of his new album Kid Krow showcases Gray’s songwriting talent and personality, showing listeners that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Conan Gray is a unique artist. The Texas native has been creating Youtube videos since the age of nine, giving his fans an inside view of his growth as both a musician and an individual. The young creative would use his Youtube channel as a journal, posting videos about his art, thrift shopping finds, and life as a college student. After a homemade music video for his song ‘Idle Town’ went viral, Conan was quickly signed to Republic Records. Dropping out of UCLA, Conan released his EP, Sunset Season, in 2018. The young singer-songwriter is known for his funny online personality and a great sense of fashion, as well as his absolute bops.

A few days ago, Conan dropped his first debut album, Kid Krow. Similar to his first EP, Kid Krow is successful in its relatability. Only 33 minutes long, the twelve-track album is full of songs about unrequited love, partying, heartbreak, and the Internet. As someone who is the same age as Conan, I found this album to be particularly relatable. Since Conan writes all of his songs on his own, he has no problem tapping into the angsty, brooding emotions that are common among kids our age.

The first time I heard Kid Krow I listened to it all the way through, front to back (as one should with any new album). The first five songs of Kid Krow are ones that frequent listeners have heard before. Four of these first five were dropped as singles prior to the album’s release. I was blown away by the choice to put these songs first. All of these songs are upbeat and catchy, perfect for dancing in your room or singing in the shower. My personal favorite of the album, ‘Wish You Were Sober,’ is also featured in these first five. Written about a lover who would only tell Conan they liked him when they were blackout drunk, the lyrics are clever and the beat GOES.

After the first five songs, the album starts to lose me a little. The middle tracks start to blend together and sound very similar. The album transitions from upbeat and happy to more thoughtful, somber, and sad. While these songs aren’t really my style, I can appreciate the lyricism on these tunes. The lyrics on ‘Affluenza’ are very creative, speaking about how wealth can’t buy happiness. The last song, ‘The Story,’ does a great job of wrapping up the album. This track focuses on specific instances in Conan’s life, and how at certain times, he thought they were the biggest deal ever. The song ends with Gray realizing that things go on after painful moments, stating, “It’’s not the end of the story.” Ending the album on this note left me feeling satisfied and eager for whatever else is in store for Conan Gray.

As a whole, Kid Krow was pretty much what I expected from Conan. There weren’t any surprises in terms of sound. The album played right into the “brand” of what Conan Gray sounds like. However, I was surprised by how honest and personal the tracks were. Often relying on sarcasm and wordplay in his songs, Conan got brutally honest in some of his slower tracks. This change-up emphasized how talented and nuanced Conan is as a songwriter. It makes me so excited to see him succeed, and I can’t wait to see what else he produces in the next few years.

Conan Gray is an artist that everyone should know. His music is relatable, catchy, and creative. If you haven’t heard Kid Krow yet, you can listen to it here.


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