Kayla Johnson (FIT ’18)

As a Fashion Merchandising major at New York City’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), sophomore Kayla Johnson always dresses to impress. For a Halloween weekend visit to Salem, MA, Johnson channeled the autumnal prep school vibe of Blair Waldorf by rolling up a pair of black knee socks and sporting a matching trench coat in all to complement her vibrant, red velvet dress.   

As a student studying fashion advertising, Kayla strives to make her own personal style memorable and unique. She says she loves “all brands,” but leans more towards pieces that are “romantic with an edge.” She prefers pairing more traditionally feminine items, such as lace dresses and patterned stockings, with edgy accessories (leather jackets and studded combat boots) to keep outfits from looking too one-note. The perfect FIT.