Jeremy Dreyfuss (COM '15)

Jeremy Dreyfuss is a junior Film and TV major in the School of Communications. His love of filmmaking stems from his diverse set of interests. His creativity doesn’t end there; Jeremy started his own clothing brand during his freshman year at BU. His line, called Species Apparel, sells a variety of clothing hand sewn with fun patterns and animal patches. The proceeds Jeremy makes from Species Apparel are donated to WILDAID, an organization that aims to end illegal wildlife trade.  His knowledge of clothing has landed him a job as marketing manager for Vans, where he helps the company get more established on the east coast and particularly with college students in Boston.

 When Jeremy isn’t starting fashion trends, creating films and helping animals, he enjoys discovering new bands. Jeremy loves music and featuring the new music he’s discovered into his films. Jeremy enjoys playing basketball with friends several times a week as well as watch professional sports, specifically the New York Knicks.

    Jeremy likes a down-to-earth, genuine girl with a sense of humor. He would like a girl who isn't afraid to be herself in front of anyone, and doesn’t try to act differently in front of different people to please others. He likes it when girls have good taste in music and style. A lucky girl who catches Jeremy’s attention would be in for a very exciting date. “Going to a concert and eating really good food would be an ideal date for me.”