Jenny’s October Playlist

Like many people, music is a big part of my life. I listen to music while cooking, studying, walking to class, and just about everything in between. Here is a collection of songs that I have discovered, or rediscovered, during the month of October, and just can’t stop listening to!

  1. 1. “Heartbreak Weather” by Niall Horan

    Although Niall Horan’s album, entitled Heartbreak Weather, came out in March, I really started listening to this song during October. Despite the lyrics talking about Niall feeling “lonely in this city,” this is a pretty upbeat track and is perfect to jam to while doing your favorite fall activities. Niall said about this song that “it makes you feel happy as soon as it starts,” and I completely agree!

  2. 2. “Fool” by Cavetown


    This is another older song, released on New Years' Day in 2018, but it gives me autumnal vibes and I couldn’t stop listening to it this month! Cavetown is an English singer-songwriter, and he both wrote and produced this song. It’s definitely not the most upbeat song on this playlist, but it’s great for a good cry or a lonely walk in the park.

  3. 3. “Love Is A Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse

    Silhouette of two people

    This has always been one of my favorite Amy Winehouse songs on her album Back to Black, and I rediscovered it this month. It is also not the most upbeat song on this playlist, as this song chronicles Winehouse’s trials and tribulations with love. Winehouse wrote it, and the song was produced by Mark Ronson. The track won Best Song Musically and Lyrically at the 2008 Ivor Novello Awards.

  4. 4. “Oldest Teenager” by Lexi Jayde

    Woman wearing white headphones and dancing

    This song was released in late July, but it was recently on a Spotify-curated playlist that I listened to and really liked! It was written by Lex Jayde, who is an 18-year-old social media influencer, actor, and singer. This song has a fun beat in the background, and the lyrics are super catchy. Whenever I listen to this song, I find myself singing it all day! 

  5. 5. “I Wouldn’t Ask You” by Clairo

    No playlist of mine would be complete without a vibey Clairo song, and this is the one I have chosen for this month. “I Wouldn’t Ask You” is 6 minutes of straight beauty. This song is super slow, and the lyrics are so beautiful. The artist actually wrote the song about when she was hospitalized due to severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and her then-boyfriend took care of her. Clairo said that this was “such a big song for [her].”

  6. 6. “See Through” by The Band CAMINO

    people with their hands raised during a concert

    This is another song that was released in 2019, but I rediscovered this month. The chorus is so catchy, I couldn’t stop singing it! This is the only song that I know by The Band CAMINO, but they are a Nashville-based alternative-pop group. This song was released on their 8-track debut album in 2019, entitled tryhard.

  7. 7. “Not a Pop Song” by Little Mix

    girls rule written on socks by Pexels

    “Not a Pop Song” is the first single released by Little Mix for their upcoming album, entitled Confetti. The song addresses some of the stigmas around being female musical artists in a girl-group, and it also throws some shade. The chorus says “I don’t do what Simon says,” which is both a dig towards Simon Cowell, the owner of their former record label, and is a pun about the kids game, and how the band won’t follow what society says a girl-group should sing about.

  8. 8. “Hypochondriac” by Sasha Sloan

    A couple making a heart at sunset

    “Hypochondriac” is a melancholy romance song and is probably my favorite song on this playlist. The song details how, before meeting her now-boyfriend, record producer, King Henry, didn’t take care of herself but meeting him spurred her to change her ways. When asked about writing the song, she noted that “I have bad anxiety. It changes depending on what life phase I’m in, and recently I’ve become the biggest hypochondriac.”

  9. 9. “(what i wish just one person would say to me)” by LANY

    Person looking outside of an airplane

    This is my favorite song off LANY’s new album, mama’s boy, and I have had it on repeat ever since it came out on October 2nd. Honestly, I could put every song from that album on this playlist, but this is definitely my favorite! It has a slow melody and is a perfect song for studying. The song details lead singer Jason Klein’s struggle with relationships while traveling the world in the band.

  10. 10. “Dance, Baby!” by boy pablo

    “Dance, Baby!” is from 2017, but it was on a Spotify playlist that I was listening to in early October, and it’s so catchy that I put it on this playlist! It’s a really fun song to dance to, great for a study break or walking to class! This song was written by boy pablo, who is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. He gained popularity in December 2015, when he released his first two singles and was signed to the label 755Records.

I hope you enjoyed this (slightly random) collection of songs that I’ve been listening to this month!

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