It's Important to Pursue Your Dreams Even in the Face of Adversity - Here's Why

You’ve heard it many times before and you’ve seen in plastered all over Instagram ... “follow your dreams.” This phrase is common for a reason; It can’t be said enough! I firmly stand by the idea that if you have the ability to dream something, then you have the capability to achieve it.

We all have something that we are passionate about. You may already know what it is, or you may still be searching for that something that sets your soul on fire. Once you find that passion, you should run with it and never let it go. Your passion is the most important thing you own. Staying true to it will bring you priceless rewards.

Personally, I aspire to write because I love making people feel certain things through my writing. I love being creative and I wouldn’t pass it up for anything. People have warned me time and time again of how hard it will be to get a job, or that I will never make any money. Fortunately for me, I know this is where my life is supposed to go. Money is secondary to happiness. If you are concerned about not making it big or not making enough money, put those fears behind you. Your dream is yours for a reason! Someone has to to do it, so why not you?

It’s okay to be afraid. It just means that you care. If you feel like you can’t pursue your dream, know that I believe in you. Your self-confidence will also grow with time. Once you take the leap, everything will fall into place. There will always be struggles along the way, but you have to continue to make those leaps.

In the words of the fabulous Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” So, believe in your dreams, and choose to take control of your future. You can do it.


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