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It’s the Holiday TEA-son

By Geneve Lau

Although we all love ourselves a good peppermint mocha or hot chocolate once it hits December 1st (or maybe even a little before), this holiday season I’ve grown to appreciate all the tea varieties that come with the wintertime! Here are my top three go-to teas for when the weather gets cold:


Peppermint Tea… With a Twist

Peppermint tea is a winter tea favorite… but it’s more than just festive! Try adding a spoonful of honey into your next cup to soothe a sore throat.

Or, try adding white chocolate chips and dark cacao nibs in a tea ball to add a smooth touch to your classic peppermint tea (Teavana inspired). You could even add a rooibos tea bag on top to add a vanilla flavor to your drink.


London Fog… It’s Never Too EARLy

Photo from Target

Popular on the other coast of the United States, this drink is the perfect companion to your blanket scarf and winter coat while walking down Comm Ave.

Simply combine earl grey tea, warm milk, and a splash of vanilla syrup (found in the coffee aisle of grocery stores). Or, for a more rich flavor substitute, try adding vanilla extract instead of syrup!

If you want to top your drink off with some milk foam, pick yourself up a milk frother! They are super inexpensive (like this one here from Target) and are a great handy tool to keep around.


Lavender Peppermint… LAVing the Cozy Nights

Photo from Pinterest

While the scent of peppermint can be very invigorating alone, try it in combination with lavender on a cozy winter night!

Sprinkle a few dried bulbs into a freshly brewed cup of peppermint tea, grab your favorite throw blanket and snuggle up!


Just because the weather’s getting cold, doesn’t mean your drinks have to! Heat up some water and snuggle up with some tea to get in the winter spirit!


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