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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.


For all those college girls (and guys) looking for a great deal or to make some quick cash, I’m about to let you in on BU’s best kept secret. For the past few semesters, BUtiques has been a haven for all Collegiettes looking to score some amazing deals. Since it began, creator and CEO Alex Shadrow has taken the website up a notch, upgrading the insanely popular Facebook group to an official website. 

Unitiques is a totally free, college marketplace where students are able to safely buy and sell items to other students, without leaving campus or paying a single fee. It’s like eBay, Craigslist and Threadflip all in one! Unitiques offers many advantages over other similar products because it’s just for your school so it’s way safer than any of the other websites like it. If you see an item that you like, you can simply message the person and meet them on campus, try it on and if you like it buy it; no fuss, no mess, no worries.

Alex came up with the idea when she realized that there was a desperate need for a safe place for students to sell their unwanted items. “I came up with the idea because I was honestly shocked I hadn’t seen anything else like it out there. Yes, we all know of “Free & For Sale” Facebook groups, but that method simply doesn’t hold up …That’s why I made Unitiques. It was for myself, and for all students, to have a place to connect with one another that actually makes sense,” Shadrow said. 

She was obviously on to something, because the response for the site has been overwhelmingly positive. Tons of college girls (myself included) have been rushing to sign up for Unitiques to see what the hype is about, and so far it has definitely lived up to expectations.

 “The response has been very inspiring. People love the idea of a college-only marketplace… I love when users send us feedback; we’ve gotten a lot of positivity as well as constructive criticism which makes our jobs a lot easie,” said Shadrow. 

Another great thing about Unitiques is although you will primarily find deals on clothes and shoes etc., you can truly sell anything on the website. From makeup to bikes to textbooks–even concert tickets–Unitiques is open to anything and everything. Once it’s legal, you can sell it on Unitiques.

Recently they have scaled back operations to only BU because Alex is focused on making the website even better before expanding it to other schools. However, she has already gotten the ball rolling with team members at Boston College, Suffolk University, Framingham State and other universities.  She eventually intends to expand to colleges nationwide, with the hopes of creating a product that will benefit students everywhere, stating that she hopes they “can create a platform that all college students not only want to use but need to use.”

When asked about what her dream job is, she answered unhesitatingly, “This. This is definitely my dream job no question. I want to be CEO of Unitiques when I grow up.” There is no doubt that this is a product that Alex believes in and it shows in the hands-on approach she takes with the website, responding to every question and query personally and oftentimes, immediately.

Her story is certainly an inspiring one, not only for young, female entrepreneurs, but for anyone who has an idea they are passionate about turning into reality. Alex is proof that listening to your heart can allow amazing things can happen in life, and she and her team are incredibly excited to see where this idea will take them next.

If you’re interested in learning more about Unitiques, visit the website at http://unitiques.com/ and be sure to check out the event HerCampus BU is hosting in conjunction with Unitiques called “Love at First Sale” on February 9th in room 907 of the Photonics building. It’s sure to be filled with amazing bargains and besides, what better way is there to celebrate V-day than with a new pair of shoes?

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.