An Interview with Scrapbooker Extraordinaire Sonya Crow

Right now is the perfect time to do that thing you’ve wanted to do for a while – as most of us have more time on our hands. My mom, Sonya Crow, is using this time to scrapbook. Scrapbooking isn’t new to her; it’s just something she put off when life got busy. 

Q: How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected your life?

A: COVID-19 has affected my life in many ways. My husband and I are no longer empty nesters. We love having both of our girls home from college. I have to work at not interrupting their online classes. On the more negative side, I worry about my family because my husband is a medical professional, and my parents are in the at-risk group. In addition, lots of our normal [lives] has changed. We now have church online, limited places we can go to, and we can’t see friends.

Q: What have you been doing while at home? 

A: I have been spending lots of time with my family – we have been cooking, watching tv and movies, and going on walks. With all of the extra time at home, I have also been going through and organizing my photos. People that know me know that I like to take lots of pictures – I carry my camera with me everywhere. Canon Iced Latte Sightglasscoffee

Q: What have you been doing with these photos?

A: When my girls were babies, I loved to scrapbook. As life got busier, I continued to take pictures, but I did nothing with them. I’m now going back and putting these pictures into scrapbooks.

Q: What type of scrapbooks have you been doing?

A: Our family loves to travel, and our favorite place to go is Disney. When quarantine started, I went back to Disney autograph books and added photos. Currently, I am working on making a scrapbook of Suzanne’s senior dance recital.

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Q: What is your favorite part about scrapbooking?

A: I love going back through photos. I feel like scrapbooks bring back lots of memories, and I hope that my daughters can look at these and remember the special moments we’ve had together. 

If you could see my mom’s scrapbooking – you would be so impressed, I promise. Not only is she creative and talented, but she is the best mom and friend. I will cherish her scrapbooks forever! 


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