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Instagram Your Way to a Date?

Now this might sound crazy to you at first, but give it some thought - Instagram could be the next best dating service. 

Why sign up for OKCupid or Tinder when you can use an app you already have on your phone (that just happens to be much less embarrassing) to find the perfect dateable guy?

It’s as simple as following someone on Instagram. By following someone you are brought into their everyday life. You can now see what moments in their lives are the most photo-worthy and what makes them who they are.

Instagram is a simple stream of photos along the roadmap of a person’s life. It conveys a surprising amount of information: one’s neighborhood, relationships with friends and family, how one likes to spend free time, dining habits and most importantly one’s relationship status. If they haven’t posted a picture of their girlfriend and themselves in the past two weeks, they are definitely single and you can now look deeper into their Instagram history. 

Watch out for the percentage of selfies interwoven between photos of a night out with friends and a stroll along the beach. Those could be red flags. If he’s choosing to post a picture of his favorite city’s skyline over a shirtless mirror pic, he’s probably a keeper. 

Instagram can tell you a lot about a person. It shows who you really are, without you having to list your favorite movies, music, or any other minute detail about yourself. 

Instagram is visual and let’s be honest, first impressions are the most important when deciding if you want to date someone - if his Instagram doesn’t exactly wow you, then he probably is not the one for you.  

So dive into the Instagram dating world, but just keep in mind - everyone looks their best on Instagram… those filters do wonders you know.  

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