The Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for Great Social Distancing Activities

It’s been almost four weeks since most of the country has had a shelter in place established, meaning that it’s also been almost a month since most of us left our homes for non-essential reasons. And while we’re getting to that point where Netflix can no longer suppress our boredom, a few creatives on Instagram are helping us out when it comes to activity ideas. 

Check them out below:

  1. 1. Christina Tosi and Her Baking Club

    Nearly every day of the week, Queen Tosi, founder of Milk Bar and Cute Things Enthusiast, hosts an Instagram live baking club for all her fans. The day before each new session, she gifts us with the ingredient lists and a hint or two as to what she’s cooking up. She’s also sharing her killer playlists so that we can all feel like we’re in her kitchen with her… oh, what a dream that would be.

  2. 2. Lilly Ann and Coloring Pages

    This fun and fresh artist and founder of All Things Lilly Ann is bringing her fans a little bit of nostalgic comfort with her mega-cute coloring pages. Print a few of these babies out, get your friends to do the same and have a little Zoom coloring party! Or take some time to yourself and color in-between classes to refocus.

  3. 3. Miley Cyrus and Brightminded

    If you’re looking for something to watch that isn’t reruns of [insert favorite sitcom], then Miley is your girlie. Every weekday, she hosts an hour-long talk show on Instagram live with her favorite celebrity pals. From catch-ups and interviews to craft times and poetry recitations, she is providing us with great content that is new and made for all those who are sheltering in place safely.

If you have any Instagram accounts sharing their favorite pastimes, let us know!


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