An Inside Look at College Fashion Week 2018

Walking into College Fashion Week, I was immediately welcome.

Seriously, I received two goodie bags full of makeup and beauty products! The Too Faced bronzer alone basically covered the cost of tickets. As a makeup lover myself, going to an event where a huge brand like Ulta was one of the main sponsors was a huge plus for me.

Right when you got to CFW was a huge bar full of pretty pink mocktails and cocktails. Alongside was a Sabre booth, a women's personal safety company, that gave out all the necessities any college student should have on hand to stay safe around campus. There was a personal alarm, pepper spray, and a drink testing kit.

There were also booths where you can make your own bracelets and buttons, so you can get that nostalgic feeling of summer camp in the middle of October. By Chloe was also a sponsor of the event, serving their legendary banana bread and chocolate chip cookies, which are vegan and kosher-friendly.

Fashion Week had a lot of stuff to do before the show, like jumping in a huge tub of 40,000 EOS lip balms. Photographers were waiting for you to get that picture perfect Instagram shot. They also had an Ulta beauty bar where you are able to take a lot of cute pics and enter for a chance to win more free stuff. After all these photo shoot options, you were in fact able to get your hair and makeup done by talented professionals.  

There was also an Almay Beauty Booth where you were able to meet people and try out new makeup. Pretty eyeshadow quads and stunning shimmering lip glosses were everywhere! Almay also had brand new Jelly highlighters which are the latest craze in the beauty industry.

The actual fashion show was in one word: incredible. The runway was so diverse, showing models of all shapes, sizes, and races, really showing what real college women actually look like. The looks were so cute and affordable because the show was sponsored by Primark. The music was upbeat and fun, and everyone really had a great time.

I feel so honored and grateful to have been able to go to College Fashion Week and explore the world of unfiltered fashion with all body types being glorified and empowered. The vibe of being in a room filled with badass boss women who all share a love of fashion and beauty was a great experience I’ll never forget! For more information go to!


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