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The Ins and Outs of Boston’s It Cafe, Tatte

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

“Let’s hang out this weekend.”

“I can’t I have to work.”

“Oh, where do you work?”


“Omg, I love Tatte.”

Credit: Margaret F. Ross

I’ve heard this over five times already and I’ve been working at Tatte for only two weeks. Here’s what I learned or wished I had known before accepting.

Credit: Emily Cassel

Consider this if you want to work at Tatte, or any time you go to eat there make sure you smile and acknowledge the person who brings you food because working at Tatte is not as glamorous as eating there.

Credit: @tattebakery on Instagram

You have to know what exactly goes into each dish with its allergies. People ask and do the weirdest things and get mad at you if you can’t automatically fulfill them. That not only ruins your day, but your appetite as well (never take things personally).

Also, it’s very hard work. You spend eight hours on foot doing everything – cashiering, running food to tables, taking dirty plates off tables, taking orders, cleaning the floors, taking inventory, restocking the fridge, and so on. You do everything and anything you are told with a smile on your face. All that with a 30-minute break. For me personally, that is challenging. I like to take small, frequent breaks – like 10 minutes about three or four times per eight hours. Also, your break is scheduled. You can’t just sit down anytime you want even if you really want to.

It will mess with your schedule. I’m an early bird meaning I like to go to bed early and wake up early. That has been completely impossible for the past two weeks. I come home at 11:30 p.m., needing to go to bed but also needing to do homework and wake up for an 8 a.m. class. Also, you know that feeling when you get hyper because you’re so tired? Well, it’s fun when you’re with your friends and goofing off, not when you need to go to sleep to function in class the next day.

However, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy this experience. I’m a firm believer that from every job you must learn something and take something positive for yourself. There are many pluses of working at Tatte.

I got free drinks/food (all meals are free for the trainee on their first week of training), then it’s 15 percent off after that. Also, employees can take home everything that wasn’t sold at the end of the day – that means a lot of food like bread or coffee/iced teas. The other day, I went home with three iced coffees.

The job would be perfect for those who love late nights. I am absolutely not a night owl, which is perhaps why this experience is a bit challenging for me.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes about Tatte and that from now on each time you go in there you always acknowledge the workers there, something that I myself used to be guilty of not doing. Xoxo, Masha.

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