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If Celebrities Were Easter Candy

With the Easter season in full bloom, shops all over the country have colorful candies in pastel wrappings pouring out of their shelves. And while Bostonians eagerly look forward to the spring season ahead, they have fully learned to stalk up on these treats after beating an everlasting gloomy winter.

In light of the upcoming spring season and this glorious time of year, here are some celebrities to keep in mind while you enjoy these Easter treats:

Ke$ha: “Pastel Jellybeans”

If anyone can pull Easter-jellybean-hair off, it would be Ke$ha. This is one way to get into the Easter spirit!

Harry Styles: “Easter Cupcake”

Harry Styles is a cupcake. That’s all there is to it. Those soft curls all whipped and fluffed back like whipped fluffy frosting and those cute dimples and puppy dog eyes are like the darn cutest little sugar cupcake you’ve ever seen. You just want to devour it.

Katy Perry: “Purple Peep”

We honestly didn’t know someone could be so purple…

Barack Obama: “Majestic Patriotic Easter Egg”

It’s even splattered with white, red, and blue color and comes in a majestic gold box!

Paris Hilton: “Bunny Peep in a Martini”

This boozy Easter treat is basically Ms. Hilton in a martini glass!

Beyonce: “Golden Lindt Chocolate Bunny”


Draped in gold, this chocolate Easter bunny is as royal as our Queen B is.    

Danny DeVito: “Mini Eggs”

At 5’ 0’’, Danny DeVito is one of the smallest, most successful actors. “Mini eggs” are one of the most successful tiny Easter candies.

Kim Kardashian: “Classic Unwrapped Chocolate Easter Bunny”

Besides the creamy texture of their bodies, they have similar rear ends if you hadn’t noticed.

Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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