If Barbie Were a Millennial

Millennials remember those days back in the '90s when we played with Barbie dolls and wondered if we would look just like her as teens and twenty-somethings. But the funny thing is that members of Generation Y dress and accessorize very differently from the popular childhood doll. So, what if our Barbie was a millennial IRL?  

1. Millennial Barbie’s #1 accessory: coffee

Whether it’s from Starbucks, Dunkin, or a local “hipster” coffee shop, Millennial Barbie has to have her caffeine fix just like every other hardworking twenty-something out there. And if she’s feeling extra #basic, she’ll be toting a classic iced coffee in December. 


2. Millennial Barbie’s “dream house” would be a trendy apartment

Every millennial dreams of living in an upscale apartment with her squad, preferably overlooking a city skyline like NYC.  Millennial Barbie would rent out her original mansion-style Dream House to friends and move into a chic loft.   


3. Millennial Barbie would have a brand new wardrobe

Barbie would be trading in her mini-skirts and halter tops for athleisure staples: a quarter-zip and yoga pants. And an outfit for a night out? Barbie would most likely ditch her dress for some black jeans and a sleek top, and be ready for a girlfriends dinner or a date with Ken!


4. Millennial Barbie would totally love wine Wednesdays

Just like most of us millennials out there, Barbie would appreciate a nice bottle of white wine and some friendly gossip with her girl gang. Also, wine Wednesdays are a great time to catch up on some Netflix.



5. Barbie's name probably wouldn’t be "Barbie" 

Like a lot of Gen Y babies, Barbie probably would have a name of the following: Jessica, Ashley, Sarah, Elizabeth, Madison, or Hannah. Millennials know at least one or two people with those names.


Millennial Barbie would be a cool chick and we would hope she would be everyone's "special friend."