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Iced Coffee Orders for the Gals and the Gays

This article is for those of y’all who are strong enough to stay committed to the iced coffee aesthetic even through Boston winters. Is this dedication? Hubris? Does it matter as long as you’re getting your caffeine fix? To my fellow fast-walking, over-caffeinated, iced-coffee-drinking gals and gays, here’s what your order says about you.

Plain Iced Coffee

This is a classic choice and probably means you have your life together. You’re super productive, or you have a productive and organized aesthetic. This one has big, ordering coffee and bringing all of your books to the library only to sit there for seven hours without accomplishing anything kind of vibes. I relate to y’all. Good luck (and also please finish your readings). 

Iced Mocha

Refined. This is a stellar order and my current go-to. If you have the opportunity to combine chocolate with coffee in your morning routine and don’t take it, I truly cannot understand you. Beautiful, show-stopping, 10/10.

Double Shot Over Ice

…y’all scare me. You look productive, and you actually are productive. You’re always on the move and you’re a super reliable friend, but also please sleep and take care of yourselves!!

Pumpkin Spice

Basic, but I love it. So wholesome. You’ve definitely already used the words “spooky season” and you LOVE oversized sweaters. You’re probably a cat person and have big Hufflepuff vibes. Live your life and don’t let anyone call you basic for enjoying all the silly things that make fall so lovely. Y’all are thriving.

Iced Chai

So wholesome!! You’re probably the baby of your friend group. You also probably don’t LOVE the taste of coffee but are still here for the aesthetic, and I can vibe with that. Absolute sunshine people. Please protect them. 

Coffee Frappe

UNDERRATED ORDER. You probably don’t like coffee that much either, so you pick the one that tastes the most like ice cream. That’s okay. You’re killing it.

(Exclusively) Hot Coffee Drinkers

Y’all confuse me. You probably have some pretentious opinions about coffee, and some of the orders on this list definitely made you cringe. Or you just don’t care to experiment with your orders and stick with hot coffee because it’s comfiest, which is a-okay. You’re probably either straight or have dad friend energy, and there’s a good chance you’re also super confused about this article.

While not all iced coffee drinkers are the same, there’s one thing they should definitely have in common: no iced coffee run is complete without your mask!  

Stay safe, Her Campus. 

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Jules is a junior at Boston University studying English with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her hobbies include drinking too much iced coffee (even in Boston winters), going to concerts, tap dancing, and creative writing. Find her on insta @jules.bulafka !
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