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I Went Through Zoom Sorority Recruitment — Here’s How It Went

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

For the first two weekends in February, instead of spending my time going out into the city or studying for midterms, I was at my desk, on Zoom, going through virtual sorority recruitment. 

I grew up in South Florida, so my experiences with sororities were a bit different because of the stereotypes surrounding them. In high school, I firmly believed that they were not for me and I would never join one. 

But, once I got accepted into Boston University, I decided maybe I should look into them more to give it a try. Sororities in the Northeast seemed to be a bit different than those down South, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to assume they were all the same. 

My roommate also decided to go through recruitment, so it was great to go through this with someone I trusted. We were both in the same group, which meant we had the same Pi Chi’s (girls who disassociate from their sorority for recruitment to help new potential members and guide them through the process) and went to the same sororities on our first day.

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So, on the first day of recruitment, I spoke with all ten sororities throughout the day, meeting with each for about 15 minutes. We would go out into breakout groups, where sometimes I would speak with a sister alone, or it would be a few sisters to a few PNMs (potential new members). We would talk about literally anything that came up, but usually about where we’re from, classes, or our interests.

I had a good conversation with everyone, but pro tip: that’s not going to mean they’ll invite you back. It sucks when you get your schedule and don’t see the one you liked, but remember that it’s not because you’re not good enough; the sororities just know what they’re looking for and they know you’re meant to join another one. 

After each recruitment day, I listed each sorority I would like to go back to and the ones that I didn’t. Each day, I went to fewer and fewer sororities until I was at my top two on Sunday, which is called Preference Day. That night, I had to choose which sorority I would get a bid from the most and wait until the next day on Monday, Feb. 15, to find out if they did!

It was definitely the longest two weeks of my life. I was busy talking with sororities from around 9:30am and didn’t end until the late afternoon, with a few breaks throughout the day. I had to catch up on homework around it and that was tough too.

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But, once I was sitting at my desk anxiously awaiting for my email that would tell me which sorority I joined, I realized how worth it was. I went from “just trying it out” to really wanting my top sorority to give me a bid. I felt like I got along with so many of the girls there and that I would enjoy being a part of it.

And then… I got the bid! Me and my roommate did a small celebration before we went back into Zoom to meet all of our new sisters and it was such an awesome night. It turns out a girl I was friends with from my floor also got into the same one, so that was awesome as well.

Overall, the entire experience was stressful and exhausting, but so rewarding and I wouldn’t change anything about it! If you’re on the fence about joining one or going through recruitment, I say give it a shot. It can’t hurt, and if you realize early on that a sorority is not right for you, then drop it. But, I think it may be a nice surprise if you end up vibing with certain sororities or members. 

And, if you’re not into the whole formal process, Panhellenic Council hosts informal recruitment in the fall for sororities if you’re a sophomore or above that is a much more laid-back process. Sororities usually operate through their Instagram, so check there first!

The recruitment process was very gratifying for me and I’m so excited to be where I am and start meeting new people, all following COVID restrictions, of course.

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Caitlynn Tibbetts is a freshman at Boston University, planning to major in Finance and Global Business. She has been published in the Florida English Journal and Parkland Speaks. Coming from South Florida, she’s excited to join and explore the city of Boston and everything it has to offer.