I Started A Podcast With My Best Friend—Here's Why You Should Listen

It is 2019 which means that shameless self-promotion is acceptable. 

What was once a dream is now a reality. My best friend and I did, in fact, make a podcast and here’s why you should be listening to it. Shut Up and Start Talking is everything you could need from a current events and lifestyle podcast. 

Step inside the mind of two struggling college students, Lea Kapur (me!!) and Alexis Gomes (my partner in crime), as we navigate everything from politics to parties. Some of this information you really need to hear, most of it you don’t. If you want to impress your Tinder matches with your wokeness, but don’t feel like paying for a New York Times subscription, this is the podcast for you! 

Shut Up and Start Talking has three different segments. Our first segment is called Why Are We Dying? During this segment, Alexis and I recall a stressful experience during the week and our imperfect reactions and thoughts to the situation. 

Our next segment is called the Top 5 and has a bit more substance. We pick what we think are the five most important news stories of the week and provide our political insight. As an International Relations major and Alexis’ major in Political Science, we could not resist talking about the news, as we strongly believe it is important to stay informed. 

The final segment is based on our topic for the week. This week’s episode is called Are Men Trash? Here, we talk about everything from gender roles to toxic masculinity. 

Shut Up and Start Talking comes out every Friday at 10 am, which means this week’s episode is already out! Tune in on this week’s episode of Shut Up and Start Talking where Alexis and I discuss the horror of a hot latte, the ins, and outs of impeachment, and why Two and a Half Men might be the worst show ever created. Also… ISIS?

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, want to hear about the news in a lighter and more relaxed context or just want to understand whether men are trash or not, give this podcast a listen and tell your friends! 


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