I’m Scared of Traveling, But I’m Doing it Anyway

Recently, my cousin announced that he and his partner are getting married and I am just so happy for them. They are both amazing people and I love LOVE! And of course, I love any chance to get *turnt* at a wedding.

So, we were sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving and my cousin was telling my family and I that they’re still thinking about wedding venues, but they’re planning on a destination wedding.

And then I was like… hold on.

I never travel, like ever. I live forty minutes from home and I have never gone out of the country for a trip. I just don’t travel. I’m scared of heights—so scared. And airports make me nauseous and sweaty. I HATE being sweaty. Of course, my nerves kicked in at this moment.

Fast forward a month. My cousin officially announced that the wedding would be in Barcelona. Spain… across the Atlantic Ocean… Europe. I was shook to my core when he told us this.

On top of that, my cousin asked my older sister to be in the wedding party, and of course, she said yes. They are really close, so she was super excited to be a part of his special day. But, of course, that meant she was undoubtedly going to attend the wedding.

My sister and I are 22 and 20, respectively, so we are both busy college students and don’t get to spend that much time together. Now a trip to Spain would kind of be a perfect place for us to bond since we both have never been.

Between the two of us and the streets of Barcelona, it would basically be like the Cheetah Girls 2 movie, so I was essentially feeling inclined to go at this point.

I’m feeling more motivated to go at this point. But I’m still freaked out because traveling is still scary to me. I thought about it long and hard, and I boiled it down to this: you can’t relive experiences like these. Things like this usually don’t happen twice.

Therefore, I decided I’m going to Spain with my sister. My first time out of the country, I’m doing it. This is what life is all about, in my best Céline voice, “taking chances.”

I am still nervous, but I think that that is okay, my dad always says it's good to be nervous because it means that you care. And I do care, I care about my family, my cousins, my sister, and myself.

I care that this wedding is proof that is out there for all of us, and being there to support my cousin and his partner is truly going to be an amazing experience.


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