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I Go to the Movies Alone—Here’s Why

As a movie fanatic, my favorite outing with friends and family is going to see the newest hit in theaters. It wasn’t until I bravely saw a flick by myself that I found the joy in doing something so out of my comfort zone. Sitting in a public setting alone and just watching has become something I recommend to everyone.

If you’re someone who hates going out alone, you’re not the only one. A ton of people would rather work in a coffee shop or eat with friends; it’s natural. Being the fiercely (and almost annoyingly) independent person I am, I started from a young age sitting by myself and reading in a café. One day my mom said, “Wow, I can’t believe you can go out and eat by yourself. I could never do that when I was your age.” That’s when I realized that while others preferred the company more often than not, I valued my small moments of alone time. But, if you do like hanging with others, sometimes you need a break from the world. Going to the movies alone changes your perspective of daily life.

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Now, we can all admit we’ve stayed in by ourselves and watched a movie on Netflix alone with an unhealthy bucket of popcorn. Not the same thing? Well, not only does going to the movies alone become more of an active adventure, but it’s also beneficial for the film industry. Go support filmmakers that you love by paying to see their show, or use that handy Movie Pass (if you still possess it after their ridiculous policy change).

Finally, my biggest reason to see movies alone isn’t just to be independent for 2 hours and avoid studying. The experience of seeing a film in theaters is an extremely unique one. Can you imagine watching the newest Avengers: Infinity War or Blade Runner (2049) on your laptop screen? That’s what I thought. Movies help us escape into inspiration or just pure happiness, and theaters are the place we can go to sit back and enjoy the time we have now.


So, go on a walk, take the train, and sit in that theater by yourself to watch your potentially favorite new flick.


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