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Lately, I cannot scroll through TikTok or Twitter without seeing a meme about how Carole Baskin ~definitely~ killed her husband, and honestly, I’m tired of it. I am not proclaiming her innocence or even saying that she is a morally good person, but I do not believe making jokes about the scenario is right.

I recently watched Tiger King with my sister and the actions displayed in every episode horrified me. When we reached the episode, “The Secret,” which explained the peculiar incident of her previous husband’s disappearance, my sister and I were excited to finally see what all the hubbub was about.

We watched the episode, occasionally pointing out when characters didn’t fully explain a theory or when they left a hole in their argument. When the episode ended, we looked at each other and immediately said, “I don’t think she killed him.”

I do not doubt that the entire incident and Carole’s involvement is suspicious, but there is no substantiated evidence. The theories that the episode illustrated did not serve as enough evidence for me, personally, to believe her to be guilty of murdering Don Lewis. 

For example, as literally explained in the episode, tigers could not have eaten an entire human body (yikes) during that time frame. Before you ask, they also explained that the meat grinder was too small to be able to grind up a body (again, yuck). So, I dismiss the idea that Carole fed Don to the tigers.

The episode also proposed the idea that he could have taken one of his planes and flown to Costa Rica, possibly having flight complications along the way. They did not say if all of his planes were accounted for and even his lawyer admitted Don had told him that he was looking into buying another plane.

Don seemed to be involved in other suspicious activities, so I suspect that his disappearance and possible death had something to do with those––entirely separate from Carole and the tigers. In a recent interview with Fox Nation, Carole’s lawyer, Joseph Fritz, said that he believes Don was murdered and thrown from a low-flying plane over the Gulf of Mexico. I had already imagined such a theory when the show presented the timeline and facts.

Above all though, I wonder why people are harping on this point of contention rather than all the other despicable wrongdoings portrayed in the docuseries. Why are we focusing on the woman? The internet is trolling a woman who has a background of sexual assault and abuse and was nearly killed by a hitman Joe Exotic hired. People are already dressing up as Joe Exotic as a joke and I cannot even imagine what Halloween will look like.

Although I do not fully believe that Carole Baskin and her big cat sanctuary are ethically sound, she and her husband were the least terrible people highlighted in the show. Let’s talk about the animal abuse, sex cults, pedophilia, drug abuse, and everything else Tiger King sheds light on. Let’s stop attacking Carole Baskin and leave the mystery-solving to the detectives.

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Alexandra Kallfelz is a senior studying journalism at Boston University. Besides writing, Alexandra's passions include color guard, travel, Netflix, music, and Disney. She is a pure-blood New Englander and a dog fanatic.
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