How to Throw a Bomb Pregame

Pregames are a college essential. It’s the party before the actual party, and it’s a skill to know how to throw a fantastic pregame. Read on to find out what makes a good pregame so good.

1. Have beverages. 

Make sure to have a variety of beverages: water, orange juice, cranberry juice, Sprite, coke, and juice boxes are always a hit. I’ve noticed people prefer cranberry juice and Sprite. If you want to get fancy, pick up some cherry grenadine and some maraschino cherries for fancier drinks!

2. Fun cups and straws. 

If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that straws are a must. Any kind of straw—plastic, paper, colorful—it doesn’t matter! Everybody loves a good straw. The only thing is that cups can be expensive; however, the dollar store sells tons of fun colors for packs of 16 for only $1.

3. Good snacks. 

Stock your party table with unusual and fun snacks like Fruit Roll-ups, Scooby Snacks, and Gushers. First of all, nobody is expecting a snack at a pregame, so it is a fun surprise for them. Second of all, nobody has eaten these snacks since third grade, so it’s fun to throw it back to grade school.

4. Loud, very loud, music. 

Prepare a bomb playlist with equal amounts of throwbacks, crowd favorites, and new, trendy songs. Think Katy Perry, Khalid, and Fergie. Make sure the music is loud and the beat is solid. This gets everybody pumped up for the rest of the night.

5. Provide props. 

I think it’s really fun to pick up some funky glasses from the dollar store and hand them out at parties. Everybody loves the unexpected prop for pictures. Also, candy necklaces are a hit (just make sure they don’t break while putting them on).

And don’t forget to mingle and introduce yourself to new people. Don’t get too caught up in throwing the pregame that you miss out on socializing and having fun!


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