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How the “Bones Day” TikTok Trend Tricks Us Into Self-Care

The internet has a new obsession: Noodle, a thirteen-year-old pug who recently became TikTok famous. Each day, Noodle’s owner (who you can find on TikTok @jongraz) sits up his dog to see whether he flops back down or stays standing. If he stays standing, it’s a bones day. And if he turns into a pile of mush and lays back down, it’s a no bones day.

While a bones day is supposedly the “positive” outcome, both bones and no bones days are necessary to have in our lives. On a bones day, we’re supposed to treat ourselves — buy that new shirt you’ve been eyeing, get yourself an overpriced coffee or be productive and finally tackle that major essay you’ve been procrastinating. 

On a no bones day, though, we’re not just supposed to lay in bed miserably all day. Noodle wants us to take care of ourselves in a different way: make a cup of your favorite tea, take a long, relaxing shower or, even, just drink some water. No bones days are a time to be kind to yourself — to give yourself a break you may have avoided otherwise.

I recently saw a post somewhere on the internet that said something along the lines of “if we don’t choose a day to rest, our bodies will choose it for us.” To me, that concept is the epitome of what a no bones day is. No one can function full speed ahead, one hundred percent of the time (as much as we might like to.) Noodle’s lack of bones gives us permission to take a day for ourselves, something we all need, and often refuse, to allow ourselves.

So, check the bones forecast each morning on TikTok to see which type of self-care you should engage in each day. but, above all, remember to take what you need for yourself when you need it. and live your best bones or bones-free life.

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Gabrielle is a junior studying English at Boston University. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can find her listening to Taylor Swift, reading (or writing!) a YA novel, or exploring new places in Boston. You can follow her on insta @gabriellepeck15.
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