How to Take Care of Yourself When You're Sick in College

Everybody gets sick in college. It’s inevitable. It’s so hard when you’re away from home without your comfortable bed and parents to take care of you. Fortunately, being sick doesn’t have to be so difficult in college, and your illness doesn’t have to linger on. I’ve been sick for the past week, and by taking the following steps, I’m finally feeling 100%. 


1.) Take naps 

Sleep is so important, and being sleep deprived while sick is not good for your system. Take advantage of your time and make naps a priority. Between classes can be an ideal time to grab an hour of sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling more alert and ready for your next class. 


2.) Call Your Mom

It’s so good to hear a familiar voice and tell someone you’re sick. Your mom is the perfect person to listen to your symptoms and give you advice. Also, you’ll probably score a care package within the next couple days. 


3.) Drink Lots of Tea and Water 

Fluids are key to flushing the sickness out of your system. Being dehydrated can screw with your system even more, and you’ll feel more nauseous. 


4.) Consider Going to Student Health

Go to student health services if you’re not feeling better after a couple days. They can help you out and make sure that cold isn’t strep throat. 


5.) Layer Up!

Layers are key to surviving a cold. When you’re alternating between the chills and sweating like crazy, it’s best to have a scarf or cozy sweatshirt to take on and off. Try to wear something familiar while sick. There’s nothing better than wearing a sweatshirt you’ve had forever or a scarf your grandma gave you for your birthday. It’s so comforting to wear something that reminds you of home. Also, a scarf can make an excellent impromptu blanket. 


6.) Drink Emergen-C 

This stuff is amazing when a sore throat is developing. It’s a little package of powder and, when mixed with water, it turns bright orange. While it’s not the most delicious drink and, personally, it takes some willpower to drink, it actually helps stop the sickness before it develops further. 


7.) Eat Healthy 

When you’re sick, it’s so hard to get healthy meals and not eat quick snacks that your body is craving. However, it’s better for your system to eat clean, healthy meals when possible to heal faster. 


8.) Stay In on the Weekend

I know it sounds lame, but try to not go out to parties over the weekend. You’ll lose sleep, expose yourself and others to germs, and probably wake up feeling even sicker. Even if your friends are going out, remember to prioritize your health, and maybe next weekend you’ll be back to your old self! 


So keep calm, make yourself a priority, and feel better