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How to Survive the Stretch to Finals Week

So we’re at that point where it’s too early to give up but too late to try hard. 98% of you wants to curl up into a ball and never come out. But hey, you might want to get your degree before you have a mid-life crisis. Summer is the only thing on your mind. Meanwhile, you have a paper due in 24 hours. Yikes. What do you do?

The first method is to totally give up and drop out of college. Maybe score some interviews at strip clubs and pray that what your momma gave you is enough to make it in this world. Oh come on, it’s always in the back of our minds. Just a few more drinks and you can reach this “IDGAF” state.

The second (more reasonable) method is to actually try. I know it’s hard. There’s basically a month left of classes until finals. It takes a lot of effort, but if you put in the work you’ll be quite the happy camper when school ends and you get good grades (employers love a good GPA!). It’s tough, but thinking about the end game is the only thing that can get you through this awkward period of not wanting to care but needing to care at the same time.

So crack those books open and try not to sob uncontrollably as you study for a subject you don’t understand! Relax on your weekends but get serious during the weekdays. You’re not alone. We all have to make it through this last month. Let’s stick together. A for effort, my friends.


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