How to Survive a Long Car Ride

With the semester winding down and finals week quickly approaching, many of us are making plans to go home for the summer. If you’re driving home, like I am, I’m sure you’re also dreading those long hours spent in the car. Here are some tricks I’ve learned through many car rides between Boston and Pennsylvania, in order to survive a long car ride.

  1. 1. Have a playlist prepared.

    This is the number one most important thing to getting through a long ride. I seriously don’t think I could make it through without my Spotify playlists. 2019 has been an awesome year for music, so make a playlist of new songs to check out! You could also make a playlist of favorite songs that’ll last almost as long as the ride will–I did this, and it makes the time go by so much quicker.

  2. 2. Wear comfy clothes.

    Long car rides are the perfect time to bust out the sweatpants and fuzzy socks combo. Being stuck in a car in uncomfy clothing is the WORST, so think ahead and make sure you’re comfortable before starting the trip.

  3. 3. Snacks are a must.

    Depending on how long your ride is, and how many stops you’re making, packing some fun snacks can help make the trip a little more bearable. Make a CityCo run and use up the rest of your dining points before you head out!

  4. 4. Bring a good book.

    I will forever be envious of people who don’t get sick from reading in cars, so if you have this superpower, use it! Take advantage of the fact that the semester is finally over and read a book for pleasure. But, if you do get carsick easily, you could listen to an audiobook!

  5. 5. If you’re driving through a city, PLAN STOPS.

    This might be the most important thing I’ve learned from regularly travelling between Pennsylvania and Boston. Don’t wait to stop for a bathroom break until you hit city traffic and get stuck! Find a few rest areas and plan to stop there along the way.

  6. 6. Take a nap.

    If you can fall asleep in a car (another road trip skill I have yet to master), this is definitely the easiest way to pass time quickly. Bring a travel pillow and hope that by the time you wake up, you’ll be at your destination!

  7. 7. Make plans for when you get there.

    If all else fails, get excited about your destination. Make plans for what you’ll do once you arrive, or for the duration of your visit. Sometimes the knowledge that I’ll see my dogs when I finally arrive in PA is more than enough to get me through the ride.   

As much as I’m going to miss Boston, I’m super excited for summer. Hopefully these tips make your ride home a little more enjoyable!

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