How To Start Feeling Like Spring – Even Buried Under 60 inches Of Snow

While the extra foot of snow we just got here in Boston is making everyone feel like spring will never quite make it, believe it or not the first day of spring is officially only 30 days away! By this point in our Boston winter, we’re all just sick of the cold, sick of the snow and dying for some color and some sun. For at least the next 30 days we’ll technically still be in the woods but that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten your mood and add some much-needed spring into your life.  So for now, the snow piles may be really high and the temperatures may be really low but these 5 things can get you feeling like sun, excited for some warmer weather and ready for this winter to be over!

Get a Pedicure

If anything says spring and summer it’s a nice pedicure for those sad winter feet. Your poor toes have probably been stuck in your hunter boots for the past 2 months and are just dying to have a nice coat of polish, not to mention a foot massage. So even though everyone won’t be able to appreciate your nice pedicured feet quite yet, you’ll definitely be in a better mood when your feet have been pampered! Maybe afterward you can buy yourself a nice new pair of flip flops and admire them until it’s finally warm enough to break them out!


Buy a bathing Suit

If you’re anything like me you aren’t really up for seeing more of your pale winter skin than you need to… but right now is the time where stores release all their new cute suits! So while your summer-bod may not be quite ready yet, so what? Head online to somewhere like Victoria’s Secret and check out what you have to look forward to for the spring and summer! You’ll be glad you did because the best ones always sell out by the spring!


Get some Flowers

If your room is starting to feel dull and boring just like the atmosphere outside, add some color! Get some fresh flowers and put them in some vases around your room or apartment. You could even get some fake flowers like the ones that come in long strings and hang them over your windows! Just the little bit of extra color can brighten your mood.


Plan a Trip

If you’re starting to get cabin fever from being stuck inside for the past few weeks, plan a weekend getaway with your girlfriends or even a trip for when it’s actually spring or summer! Even a short trip from Boston to New York City for a weekend can be the perfect getaway! Just the thought of having something fun to look forward to can cure those winter blues. Plus if you plan for a trip now, bus and train tickets are cheaper the farther in advance you book!


Make a Countdown

Make a countdown on your calendar, on your phone or in your planner to count down the days until your weekend getaway, spring break, the first day of spring, or that summer vaca you’re dreaming of! Every day seeing the numbers get smaller and smaller can do wonders for your mood- and before you know it that day you’ve been looking forward to will finally be here!