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How to Remain Sane While Waiting for Summer


It’s safe to say that I’m not the only one impatiently waiting for the spring semester to end. Lately, I’ve been getting more than one grande coffee at the GSU, occasionally spacing out in class, and this hot-cold weather flashes make me feel like I’m going through some sort of menopause. But collegiettes, what keeps me going is knowing that there’s about 20-something days left till summer vacation.

Now that we have something to look forward to, how do we not drive ourselves crazy by constantly thinking about sipping margaritas by the poolside, going for bike rides in the park or even leisurely reading at the beach? Well, here’s my insight to remain composed and collected until you’re ready to hop on that plane to the coolest vacation spot ever (which can also include your couch at home with a tv set in front of you), we don’t judge! Take a look.

1. Stop incessantly checking your calendar.

Counting the days may be tempting, and I confess, I began counting the days since I got back from Spring Break, but it’s a constant reminder of the days left before vacation. If you continuously think about the days left, your mind will always be on your future vacation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when your psych professor lectures about tangential thinking and you start daydreaming about tanning, there’s a problem.

2. Get a hobby.

Okay, it sounds lame, like you’re getting over a boy, but it’s kind of the same concept- you’re distracting yourself. Most of us are breaching the academic cliff of final exams, projects and research papers, so you might not necessarily have time for a hobby, but maybe these obstacles are a blessing in disguise. I didn’t say they weren’t irritating and stressful, because let’s be real, they’re the worst, but it gives you something else to focus on.

3. Try to have some fun while you’re still in Boston.

Does the concept sound foreign to you because of all the work you’ve been doing? Well binge working is just as terrible as binge drinking. We don’t want you to do either. Moderating play and work is just a great philosophy. Depriving yourself of any type of fun for a long time is definitely not healthy. It’s like the newly turned 21-year-olds who have been deprived of alcohol and once the clock strikes midnight, they’re immediately at a bar drinking until they fall over. It’s not cute and not smart. Stay classy collegiettes.

4. Make a fun playlist.

Walking to class gives me 30 minutes of downtime to just be on my own. I’ve created some fun playlists that have the vacation feel rhythm to prep me a little while waiting. For the 30 minutes I have to myself, I use this as my vacation outlet to wander about how fun and great summer is going to be, and then when I get to class, I’ve already gotten the vacation vibes out of my system and I’m ready to focus on the lecture. A couple songs that will never get old and remind me of that summer breeze are “Shut You Eyes” by Snow Patrol, “California Gurls” by Katy Perry and “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap. For more upbeat days, there’s “Tonight is the Night” by Outasight, “We Found Love” by Rihanna, and “One (Your Name)” by Swedish House Mafia.

5. Be productive.

We’ll all probably get really angsty, so it helps to make a list of all the things you need to bring for the trip. Sun tan lotion, tanks, sandals, books, you name it. It allows you to think about what you’ll be doing for the next couple of months, but you’re planning ahead of time, so it’s not too bad, right? Also, remember that your pen and notepad is a lot lighter than all the items your jotting down on that list every five seconds. Pack as light as possible and don’t overdo it.

6. Make plans.

So the day is coming closer and closer. Suddenly, all you think about is how much fun you’re going to have during the summer, we’re all human and can’t always control our emotions! Whether it’s hanging out with friends, taking some light classes, exploring a new (or your own) city, or even an internship reward yourself for kicking butt in that biochemistry exam by planning some things you want to do for the first couple of weeks. Planning is bound to happen after putting it off for so long, so just embrace it a little!

Sooner or later, your plans will be an actual concrete event. 20 days will have passed by and you wondered how the heck the spring term ended so quickly. Sometimes the term feels like it’s taking forever, but if you take your mind off of it and focus on the “now,” summer will become your “now” faster than you can say, “Let’s go to the beach, beach!”

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