How to Recreate Winter Fashion Trends Sustainably for Less

These past few months, you’ve likely seen a resurgence of the Pinterest vision board. Early 2000s style, faux fur jackets, and leather pants are all the rage when it comes to the winter fashion trends that litter social media. And while I’m always ready for sequins and butterfly clips to make a comeback, I don’t have the money to buy a whole new closet. Especially not when these throwback styles are being priced at exorbitantly high amounts (if only I could still fit into my second grade wardrobe!). Instead, I’m going to give you some tips to recreate the trends for less, and give the environment some love while avoiding fast fashion brands.

  1. 1. Y2K Brands 

    While the second-hand clothing app Depop is often overpriced, check out other sustainable shopping apps like Poshmark and Mercari for your dream Y2K wardrobe. A lot of sellers on these platforms have those older styles that are making a resurgence this winter and at a much more reasonable price. Plus, the items you buy will be truly authentic pieces from the time period; no Forever 21 knock-offs necessary! My recommendation is to shop in the vintage category and then filter your options to browse by color and size. I’ve found lots of great Ed Hardy pieces and amazing chunky cardigans this way. You can also bundle and make offers to save even more on multiple items. 

  2. 2. High-end Steals 

    Support your local consignment shops. I love thrifting in general, as well as shopping in these more curated stores. Some of my Boston favorites are Revolve Boutiques on Newbury Street and Covet in Beacon Hill & Southie. Not only are you shopping sustainably, but you’re supporting a small business too. Look for quality jackets, coats, and boots to score the biggest deal.

  3. 3. Furry Cardigans

    Looking for the iconic faux fur cardigan that’s all over the internet? Save the money and make it yourself. Explore your closet or your local thrift store and find a basic style to start off with. Then you can head to the craft supply store and purchase a yard of faux fur trim to either sew or glue on with fabric glue. The whole project should cost you less than $10, which is a much cheaper and more sustainable alternative to the $100 cardigans I’ve been seeing online.

  4. 4. Neutral Sets 

    Continuing with the D.I.Y. trend, try Dye Pods to give your current pieces some new life. You can find these pods on Amazon in a variety of colors. Add the dye pod to your next laundry batch and you’ll see your clothes transform into vibrant new styles. I’m planning to use this trick to recreate the neutral loungewear sets all over Instagram.

I hope this article provides some inspiration for your not-so-brand-new winter wardrobe. You can still be stylish and sustainable while saving your wallet!

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