How One Body-Positive Instagrammer Shone a Light on One Forgotten Group

In the past few decades, the body positivity movement has come so far. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I, and people like myself, feel somewhat left out. We’ve come to accept and celebrate big boobs, big butts, little boobs, little butts, bigger people, smaller people, and that’s great! But for a while now, there’s one group that has been left out almost completely: the middle sizes. There’s representation, for the most part, for plus-sized women, and definitely for straight-sized women, but anyone in the middle might as well not exist when it comes to online presence.

Credit: Chessie King @ Instagram 

That’s where Chessie King comes in. King is an influencer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, model, and of course, a body-positive Instagrammer. Her account was the first time that I saw someone online that looked like me that loved their body.

Before I stumbled upon her account (@chessiekingg), I was begged and pleaded by plus-size body positive influencers to love my body. The issue: I didn’t look anything like them, so what do they know? Chessie King got it. She knows what it’s like to not be thin enough to be skinny and not big enough to be, well, bigger.

As I said, we as a society have come to accept most body parts as they come. But we are purposely leaving out one thing that King highlights: the tummy. The concept that women can have un-toned midsections and be totally okay with it was a foreign concept before I came across her account. Not only this, but she promotes exercise and eating right, but knows that this looks different for everyone. She! Is! A! Baller!

Credit: Chessie King @ Instagram 

Chessie King rocks. She is a voice for us in the utterly forgotten middle-sized rage, and she is finally, finally, finally making it public that women do, in fact, have tummies (I know, I was as shocked as you are)!

For all of my middle-sized ladies out there, do yourself a favor and check out her page. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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