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How Not To Be A Dick To The People Around You In The Spirit of Xmas

Since Christmas is going to be rolling around rather soon, and we all know that Santa always knows who is naughty or nice, it seems like a pretty great time to start being nicer to each other. When you become someone who is pleasant to be around, it makes for a more festive season. Remember: what goes around comes around. 


Open doors for strangers

Winter is quickly approaching and you’re on the way to your frustrating 9 AM lecture in the law auditorium. You’re rushing inside to embrace the lovely warmth when you notice there’s a girl who sits behind you in lecture, and she’s got her hands full with a cup of coffee from Starbucks and a Rhett’s bagel. You could just ignore her OR you could hold the door open and do a girl a favor.


Smile at people 

I think this is one of the biggest clichés that I’ve heard, and one that is perpetuated by movie tropes and books and just pop culture in general. But in all honesty, smiling at random people you see on the street does brighten up their day. I personally feel so warm and fuzzy inside when I smile at a guy/girl and they respond with a grin. Plus, it’s an easy way to spread the holiday cheer!


Get Your Friends Coffee

This one might not be universal if you have, say, a friend who absolutely detests any and all forms of caffeine. But if your friends are normal like the rest of us and enjoy a good old steaming hot latte or mocha or vanilla frappe to get their day started, this is a surefire way to ensure they begin the day on a great note. You really can’t go wrong with this one, unless you get them the Zombie Frappucino that you must avoid at all costs. Stick with the regular Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Say "Thank You" More

We all take our friends and family for granted on occasion. There are times when we get so used to them doing nice things for us that we forget to appreciate them and instead are so quick to point out what is negative about them. Try this one to bring a smile to their faces, and remember that the holiday season is all about giving and being around the people you love.


Be Patient

No one likes getting yelled at for being too slow to understand something, so in the weeks leading up to the best time of year, please keep this in mind next time you want to shout at the kid who’s taking forever to get off the T. You never know what someone’s dealing with. Taking an extra 5 seconds out of your day to speak kindly and practice the esteemed virtue of patience is worth it.


I guarantee that if you do all these five things, not only will the people around you have a great time, but you will too! Spread the festive mood this holiday season with compassion, kindness, and grace! 


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