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How to Make Your Dorm a Little More Homey

So you’re settled into your new digs here at BU but it’s feeling decidedly bland and not very cozy. Not surprising since your new home is literally four walls of cinder blocks and some gross old carpet. Yuck. But here are some of my (awesome) tips to make your room feel just a little bit more like home.

1. Put up twinkly Christmas lights. String these around your room for an amazing glow. One of my least favorite things about dorm rooms is the hideously harsh florescent lights. I pretty much refuse to use them, so twinkle lights are a great way to have soft light in your room, especially at night. I also like to have a small lamp or two in my room so that I can avoid using the florescent lights altogether.

2. Put a fuzzy rug on your floor.
Putting down a rug in a fun color is a great way to give your room a little more personality. Last year, I found a teal shag rug that complemented my and my roommate’s comforters. It’s nice to be able to walk on something a little more plush, and it’s such an easy way to make your room feel more pulled together.

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! There are infinite ways to display pictures in your room and they add so much life to those terrible cinder block walls. Make a photo collage, fill a few cheap picture frames to put on your desk or dresser, and pin some to your corkboard. This year, I strung pictures across my wall with decorated clothespins and pretty ribbon.

4. Display books, mugs, cards, etc. Stack your schoolbooks on your shelf as well as any magazines or other books you want to read for pleasure. Intersperse a cute mug or cup among the books. I have two giraffe figurines that I put between my books to add a little fun and style.

5. Display your jewelry. If you have lots of bright statement necklaces, display them on a convenient spot on your wall using Command 3M hooks. These hooks can be pulled off at the end of the year and don’t leave a single mark. Showing off your jewelry is a great way to add some excitement to your walls. Plus, everyone who comes into your room will see what amazing style you have!

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