How to Maintain Friendships Back Home When You're Away at College

It’s a dreadful day when you finally load up your bags for school and say goodbye to your high school friends. It’s easy to allow your mind to race with the thoughts that nothing will ever be the same again, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Leaving for college does not have to be a permanent farewell––just a see you later. Of course, there may be friends that grow distant, but the relationships you want to stay deserve nurturing and effort. 

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Here are five ways to keep the special ones close:

Talk whenever you can.

Lucky for us, it is easier now more than ever to keep frequent communication with our long-distance friends. Whether you are walking home from class, or just relaxing in bed, make the effort to FaceTime a friend. Seeing their face and hearing their voice is the greatest way to make them seem closer than they really are. Don’t worry if you don’t talk every single day––the best relationships don’t require it.

Don’t just talk, listen.

Listening is important in every relationship, but it’s especially important in long-distance. You and your friends are now off living your separate lives and experiencing new and exciting things. It can be easy to get too eager and spill everything new with you, but you have to be sure that you actively ask and listen to what is happening in their life. Communication is a two-person game. 

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Remember the good times!

Look through old pictures and remember how much fun you’ve had together throughout the years. Sometimes memories can be a great reminder of how much you love someone. 

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Support their growth.

As you and your friends get older and see more of what life has to offer, you will all change. Keep in mind that change is a good thing, it just means you are growing. Allow your friendships to be fluid—keep love in the center and change with each other. If you notice specific aspects of your friends that have started to change for the better, acknowledge it and let them know that you’re proud. Likewise, be sure to keep them grounded if they begin to forget who they are. 

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It’s okay to let some go.

I won’t sugar coat it; for some relationships, being apart is hard. Do not force anything that does not want to stay put together. You have to realize that some friendships will go away. Remember that the love is never gone, but sometimes people are hard to hold on to. Keep the old saying in mind “some people come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime.” Always work hard for the ones that don’t fade. Friendships that can withstand years apart are some of the most amazing things we get to experience as human beings. 

Work hard, and love hard for the right people. Be grateful for the lifetimes.


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