How to Improve Your Mood With Nail Polish

There are many things in this life that we can’t control such as career changes, family issues, or perhaps the most annoying: the wind blowing your hair onto your freshly glossed lips. Yet, if there is one thing we can always depend on, it's nail polish.

Color psychology uses colors to impact the mood of the viewer. We’ve all experienced the alarming effect of red warning labels or the calm sensations that hug us as we look at a picture of the ocean. If advertisements, movies, television shows, and more use color psychology to influence our mood, why don’t we use it to make ourselves feel better?

Here are some of the nail polish color choices you can use to look and feel your best, even in the most unpredictable situations:

  1. 1. Red

    Red is the color of danger but can also be used to embrace your inner boldness. Play with different shades to show the world what you’ve got. Dark reds can enhance your inner sophistication while neon reds can serve major fierceness.

  2. 2. Orange

    Orange is the color of energy and youth. Pair with an accent nail for feelings of vitality and confidence.

  3. 3. Yellow 

    Yellow is the color of happiness. A light yellow can enhance your delicate side. However, you can also play up the neon for electrifying joy.

  4. 4. Green

    Green is the color of growth and prosperity. Similar to red, darker greens are more sophisticated while neons bring out intensity. Pile on green before an exam to give you a secure sense of your ability to succeed.

  5. 5. Blue

    Blue is the color of serenity. Interior designers often use blue in spaces of gathering to create a welcoming environment. Give your mind a sense of clarity with refreshing blue hues.

  6. 6. Purple

    Purple is the color of royalty. Intensify your power with bold purples and embrace your inner queen.

  7. 7. Pink 

    Similar to red, pink represents passion but in a less intense manner. Pink reminds us to view life less seriously and embrace our femininity. Flirt with your fun side by adding pink to your nail polish library.

Get your claws out, choose your polish, and slay the day!

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